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        Bar Counters

        Bar Counters

        Metal wrapped counters are usually a main feature in many restaurants, bars, hotels and nightclubs. At Rathbanna every bar counter is made to order. We manufacture these in many materials and finishes. Here below are the materials and finish we work with:

        Metal finishes

        • Brass: Polished, satin brushed, antique & Patinated
        • Bronze: Polished, satin brushed, antique & Patinated
        • Copper: Heat treated, Polished, satin brushed, antique & Patinated
        • Pewter: Polished, satin brushed, wire wool, antique.
        • Stainless steel: Polished and Satin Brushed
        • Zinc: Polished satin brushed and antique.

        Most counters can either be assembled with dry joints or welded seamless.

        Pewter counters

        Pewter counters can be found in many bars and restaurants all over the world. The silver colour of the metal creates a rich luxurious feature to any space. At Rathbanna all our counters start off as a timber base top. The top is then wrapped in a 1.5mm thick pewter sheet polished to the desired finish. Decorative pressed plinth fronts can also be found on these beautiful bars.

        We can manufacture any desired decorative plinth front and also offer a range of in-house designs. (These can be found on our flickr page)

        Want to learn more? Please email us sales@rathbanna.com


        Boasting four generations of knowledge and skills, Rathbanna have been involved in many bespoke projects throughout the years.

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        Railings, Ballustrading / Staircases

        At Rathbanna we offer limitless options when creating railings, balustrades and staircases. Working with both traditional and modern methods.

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        As well as providing privacy, metal screens create a decorative feature to any open space including bars, restaurants, gardens, spas.

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